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Pacopica is a spicy gourmet product specially designed to meet the consumer’s spicy palate, offering an excellent and high level of spiciness. It is a concentrate natural product, made with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and cilantro; giving the touch that highlights flavors of foods.

Pacopica has its origins from the lack of quality spice salsas in restaurants; leaving food business with poor quality flavored vinegar salsas that generally do not meet the taste or quality that the consumer deserves.

Pacopica comes in two types:

· Pacopica Very Hot: A very special and tasty spicy spice paste for strong salsas lovers.

· Pacopica Medium Hot: A special soft spicy paste for those who like spicy, but prefer a milder flavor.

We offer our products in the following presentations

· Glass containers: 1.5 oz. sold in boxes of 24 units

· Plastic containers: 32 oz. plastic sold by unit or in boxes of 12.

These are widely used as a spicy seasoning in restaurants.

We also offer our customers the customizing of the product by putting the name of your company with the design of your choice at no additional cost, on orders of 10 boxes or more.



PACOPICA is a "PICANTE BASE CONCENTRATE" from scotch bonnet chili pepper

"100% NATURAL"


You can use Pacopica as a table dip, a marinade, a dipping paste for skewered meat or vegetables, or simply on rice, Not a sauce but an additive, this powerful potion will heat up anything with just a drop, will not disappoint, we


Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Peppers: The Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper, also known as the "Habeñero" pepper in Latin America, derives its name from the bonnet-like shape it displays and is often referred to as the world's hottest pepper. This pepper changes from green to Yellow when it ripens.

Jamaican Yams: There are several different types of Jamaican Specialty Yams, but J&C carries five types: Jamaican Negro Yams, , Sweet Yams, Round Leaf, Jamaican Dasheenand Yellow Yams. The shape of the tuber varies from round to elongated and tapering; with sizes ranging from 6" - 9" in length, and 4" - 6" in diameter. The color of the skin is cream or dark red and flesh varies from moist, smooth and creamy to dry and mealy when cooked. All are an excellent source of Vitamin A, a good source and potassium.









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Pacopica Very Hot 24/1.25 onz JARS $49.99           

Free Shipping

Pacopica Medium Hot 24/1.25 onz JARS $49.99       

Free Shipping

Pacopica Very Hot 1.25 ONZ JAR $4.49                  

Free Shipping

Pacopica Medium Hot 1.25 onz JAR $4.49               

Free Shipping

Pacopica Very Hot 32 onz JUG $34.99                     

Free Shipping

Pacopica Medium Hot 32 onz JUG $34.99               

Free Shipping


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